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Design With May


There is space between the idea of a building or a place and the realization of that place’s physical form.  May Collaborative’s area of expertise is the space between idea and occupancy. 

We are here to guide, conceive, and design.

We provide information with value, helping you make educated decisions to ensure you arrive at a place of delight that exceeds your expectations.


Our process begins with questions, direction, and assessment of resources.  In delivering your project, we discover parameters, relationships, priorities and benchmarks to measure success.

Some projects are about getting from Point A to Point B.   Project goals are well defined.  What is needed are design professionals to help complete the trip. 


What about the more common condition when the vision of the project is yet to be defined?  As a client, you have established primary goals, but there are many questions and conditions still to be resolved. 

Does my proposed building or project work well with the property under consideration?

I have a building concept, but how do I know it is the right direction to go?

Are there better ways to address my project needs? Project goals?

What does my project look like today? How about 5 years from now?

Have I planned for the long-term resiliency of the project?

Answering these questions is often sequential.  As your guide through this process, we help establish the project parameters and explore planning options.  Site and building plans, three-dimensional visualization tools are utilized to assess project direction.  Client/architect collaboration and dialogue fuel the iterative process until we arrive at a resolution that addresses project goals.

While our work may be complete, we know the project delivery is the beginning of your life with the place, building or space developed.  The time it takes for the process is short relative to the time the project lives with the Owners and its context.  

Historic Preservation Photo Hester Store exterior photo with mural and seating
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